31.05. 2014 ‚Roboroaches‘ and remote controlled rats

31.05.2014  ‚Roboroaches‘ and remote controlled rats

Samael Falkner, Published on „Robots & Cyborgs“ 31.05.2014

If you’ve seen the famous wired up laboratory rat a few years ago, it won’t come to you as a surprise, that there are some groups of scientiest experimenting with remote controlled ‚Roboroaches‘, too. Actually any kind of critter that can be used for experiments, at some point, will be used for experiments. Of course, this sparks a few ethical questions, I don’t wanna go into detail about, but that should be mentioned before this little compilation.

I’ve been keeping hissing roaches as pets for quite a few years (not to experiment on) and I can assure you, that they are simple but only slightly intelligent insects, that are fun to be around with. They do create emotional bonds and they can learn a few things, but in the end they still seem boring and a pest to most people. But they are living beings and I personally couldn’t have driven myself to cut off their antennas to connect them to technical equip. But then again, it is quite fascinating to see just how easy it is, to take over a living organism by sending the right electrical impulse.

The debate about how evolved an organism can be to still carry out neurological robotic trials, has been going on for a few years, ever since the first mice and rats had their brain cut open to attach electrical wires and microchips. The research however could save human lifes and destinies when successfully reanimating brain structures, for example in paralysed patients, but it also adds up to all the „mind control“ research to control wheelchairs and lately even plane simulators only by thought. To understand the connections our brain sets up, we will have to go into deeper „wired up“ research.

As promised – here’s a little compilation of cyborg-animals: